Rise of the Runelords

Into the Shimmering Veils of Pride

The stuff of illusion

Into the pool of Elemental Arcana! Seris splashes about and Lor tries to recharge her wand. It comes out glowing, Seris wades into the water and places her wand of mirror image into the pool. It pulses with energy and explodes suddenly, bathing the room with electricity. Rickben, unaware of the growing energy, is caught in the blast and it incinerates him and Timber unceremoniously. Daania is able to revive Rickben, but not Timber, and he perishes.

Lor manages to dispel the magic and wades into the water. She invites the others and the magic of the pool suddenly reactivates. Shrieking with panic, she feels her soul slowly pulled away and flees the pool in a panic.

Maove flings their wand of cure light wounds on the end of a fishing pole and it lands in the water. They cast it back several times, and then it explodes, ruining the wand and casting both they and Ormr in an inferno. Deciding this is not a site to be trifled with, they flee.

They rest overnight and nurse their wounds and then begin a new day to travel to the Shimmering Veils. Krac and Daania go on recon into another area, and the rest continue down the corridor. Maove and Seris walk into the corridor of mirrors and then two duplicates appear. Seris and Maove immediately begin attacking. They move to action and begin to fight back against their opponents.

Maove’s doppleganger charges Rickben with murderous rage and begins hacking at him. Seris cries out to her friends that her doppleganger stands before her and begins hacking. The copies’ blood spills to the floor. Rickben fires against Maove and Seris’ doppleganger unleashes a flurry of blows onto him. A grievous blow nearly downs him, but Maove intervenes with Shelyn’s grace and the wound appears upon their chest. Maove clearly struggles with the moral issue of her clone attacking her friends, and moves to save them.

Maove’s doppleganger continues to lay into them, “Your friends are weak, and you are not strong enough to save them. Their blood will be on your hands!” Maove is incredibly distraught at the notion that her friends are suddenly dying before her.

False Ormr downs Lor, and Maove’s doppleganger downs Rickben.

Lor rallies and heals herself, but is hoof-punched in the face and falls unconscious briefly. She feels a surge of energy and awakens to launch lightning in the faces of her enemies, and they both fall to the ground and dissipate. She cackles madly with the sudden rush of energy, and feels invigorated beyond measure.

They continue to explore the shimmering veils wing, and encounter several simulacra of the former master of this wing—Vraxeris. The clones are easily dispatched and they enter into a secret area beyond. Within they find a journal cataloging the ravings of a man afflicted by dementia and struggling to find a method of cloning himself to keep him alive. They skim through the journal and find a few exceptionally valuable details before finding a repository of dead clones—hundreds of them piled with reckless abandon in a side room. Finally, they uncovered Vraxeris’ bedroom, where six simulacra of his former demon lover Delvahine patiently waited for his return. They dispatched them and resolved to continue to the next wing: The Iron Cages of Lust where Delvahine resided.

Link to journal here: https://rise-of-the-runeloords.obsidianportal.com/items/vraxeris-journal



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