Aldern Foxglove

Noble estate owner


A bit obsessive and vain, Aldern found himself at the mercy of Goblins during the Swallowtail Festival and a re-appearance in The Glass Shatters, as he gathered the heroes to join him on his quest to kill a boar in the Tickwood forest.

Fixed his admiration upon Bahram and his less innocent attentions upon Lor.

After slaying the boar, he returned to the Rusty Dragon and then back to his manor estate.

As the group began to unearth the secrets behind the ghoul attacks on the Sandpoint Hinterlands and after beginning their exploration of the Misgivings, they realized Aldern had been transformed into a horrific ghoul and had been zealously stalking Lor.

Weeks before, he had murdered his wife Iesha and succumbed to a dark ritual. Unfortunately for him, his late wife had also been transformed into a revenant, and she exacted her revenge before the heroes could intervene.

Aldern Foxglove

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