Rise of the Runelords

Loot for last 3 sessions


2 Scrolls of Plane Shift -bag of holding

Scroll of Binding -

Undead Books

10 Lenses 100 gp each

Research Books (10,000 gp)

+3 chain shirt

+1 humanbane dagger -Seris

amulet of natural armor +2 -Rickben

cloak of resistance +1

146 gp


Staff of Hungry Shadows 10 charges -Lor

bracers of armor +5 -Lor

headband of vast intelligence +4 (knowledge nobility and spellcraft) -Seris

ring of protection +2 -Daania

contigency statuette worth 2000 gp

1200 gp

11 spellbooks – 70000 gp

ever smoking bottle -Seris

golembane scarab -Maove


Staff of mithral might

Cloak of resistance +1

Pearl of power 2nd level

rod of metal and mineral detection

500 gp in diamond dust

Ordikon’s stuff.

Books worth 10k



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