Rise of the Runelords

The Plot Thickens to Glass

After beating back the invading goblins, the group gathered at the Rusty Dragon to recuperate and gather their thoughts. Upon awakening the following morning, Ameiko offered the companions a hearty breakfast as a gesture of thanks, and they were approached that morning by Sheriff Hemlock.

It was important, he explained, that they follow him to the graveyard. Something had happened during the raid and he needed their expertise in getting to the bottom of it. A bit reluctant, they followed him to the Sandpoint Boneyard, adjacent to the new cathedral. Inside the mausoleum at the top of the hill, Sheriff Hemlock showed them inside, at which point they found a group of animate skeletons with unknown origins. They dispatched them, and upon searching the tomb, realized the disturbed remains of Ezakien Tobyn were now missing. Sheriff Hemlock noted that the entire raid, given this evidence, could have been aimed at stealing Father Tobyn’s remains.

Perplexed, they returned to the Rusty Dragon, and there, met with Aldern Foxglove. He invited them along to hunt a great boar in the Tickwood Forest. To facilitate their easy travel, he rented horses for the whole group and brought along his three manservants. During the journey, he went on at length about how much he longed to be a hero. His gaze and attentions lingered on Lor—perhaps too long, but he quickly redirected his focus upon the task at hand. Rickben had little trouble tracking down the boar, and with Bahram’s greatsword, they had little trouble felling it.

They returned to the Rusty Dragon once more with the slain boar in hand. Ameiko accepted the fresh meat, and set to making a stew with aplomb. The celebratory meal was interrupted by an angry man, who entered the tavern raging in Minkaian. He looked about, demanding to know where his daughter was. He took the opportunity to declare them reckless, and claimed their resistance against the goblins only endangered the town. Ameiko walked out and was verbally accosted by her father, who laid into her in a language the group couldn’t understand. Unsatisfied with her answers, he grabbed at her hair and attempted to drag her out of the tavern. She dodged adroitly and smashed him in the face with her ladle. Ashamed and cowed, he left the tavern.

The evening passed without event.

The following morning, the characters awake to the sound of knocks on Rickben’s door. A frightened halfling woman, Bethana, entered and pleaded with Rickben to help. She explained that Ameiko was suddenly gone, and that she never left; she loved her job. Concerned, she handed them a note written in Minkaian. She had been learning the language, so she translated it for the characters, and informed them it was what troubled her. Ameiko’s brother Tsuto had invited her to meet him at the Sandpoint Glassworks. They immediately set out to investigate.

All the doors of the Glassworks were locked. They circled the building to determine an alternate point of entry. Seris and Rickben climbed the building to look down on the scene through sunlights. The scene below them was chilling—Lonjiku Kaijitsu lay there encased in a sheet on thin glass, presumably dead. Bahram and Krac, attempting to get in separate of the others, took to bludgeoning down the door.



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