Rise of the Runelords

Headless Giants, Oh My!

As we looked at the strange rune inscribed on the wall, a strange creature came from the wall. It appeared to be a demon made of a forge with a fire in its belly. Likewise, Seris appeared to have disappeared around the corner of the hallway and into the next room. What happened there, I do not know, but as I moved away from the fire forge demon, I saw several undead zombies in the next room over. Seeing the number of creatures, I called upon Shelyn to bless my allies’ blades. A small flock of doves exploded from my beard as I did so, leaving it quite a mess and showing Shelyn’s blessing upon our party. While only one of those also worships Shelyn that I am aware of, she granted several of them the resolve to defeat the undead. Of course, most of them targeted the large, ugly giant without a head.

Almost immediately, headless giant began summoning. We were unable to interrupt his spell, and he brought into this plane nine additional zombies which moved faster than any undead I have previously seen. The fire forge demon vomited lava over the floor, making it difficult to walk through and trapping Ormr on the other side. She attempted to charge through the cloud, damaged the fast zombie that was on my side, but remained in the sickening cloud after that. One of my allies – I cannot remember from the heat of battle, but I believe it was Rickben, slew the forge fiend demon as we moved to attack.

As my allies’s blades hit, they passed through the skin of the headless zombie as though his skin was made of paper. Seris was able to hit with a particularly effective hit, downing him. Of course, we still had three giant undead beasts and five additional quick-moving zombies to manage before we could move from the room. Ormr spent most of her time looking quite ill and damage, watching while the other creatures fell.

Seris then opted to examine the finds on the bodies, determining that the full was enchanted with a +1 bonus and that the hand axes were also magical, though I did not pay much attention to them, as I could not use them. While Renza healed me and Ormr, the others scouted ahead, finding some empty rooms.

The next rooms again contained those seven-pointed rune stars, which I have not yet been able to identify. The next rooms, I fear, will hold a difficult fight. I must learn to conserve my resources, though, as I feel Shelyn’s blessings are running thin for today. Our upcoming fight against McMurrian will be difficult indeed, which means that I must save those blessings for that fight.



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