Rise of the Runelords

Background on Dwarven Traditions

Information Maove Probably Mentioned During a Walk

Maove is a rivethun dwarf. This is a third gender / transgender tradition within traditional dwarven societies transfeminine individuals. Some rivethun dwarves identify fully as women, while some identify along a more non-binary identity. Maove is one of the latter. However, while rivethundwarves do have history in the Sky Citadels, families are not always ecstatic to have their progeny follow those paths, much like how some families are unhappy with their children choosing to be adventurers or poets. Maove, however, has not informed their family of their transition, having left home at a young age to travel with a friend as a missionary for Shelyn. This departure was, in part, out of fear that their family would reject them. Having eventually met their wife, Lillin, on the road, Maove has not had the time to return to Janderhoff, though their parents have been encouraging them to visit following the death of Lillin out of concern that Maove was choosing to hide their grief. The rest of Maove’s correspondence has been with their family has been through letters, which allows Maove to hide the transition and makes them even more hesitant to return home.

Note: The only reference within Golarion lore appears in the Shardra Geltl Meet the Iconics blogpost. Most of this background is taken from the comments section where the author continues to expand some of the lore, but may be inconsistent with later publications.



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